Growth Factor Mediated Cosme-ceuticals and Use Thereof to Enhance Skin Quality (Patent Application)

U.S. Patent Application 20100310517
Inventor: Harold Brem and Marjana Tomic-Canic
December 9, 2010

This patent has to do with the use vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) to enhance skin quality and promote healing in wound tissue. Our research has demonstrated that in addition to its pro-angiogenesis effects, VEGF is effective at enhancing migration of normal human keratinocytes to wounded skin tissue, as well as formation of new granulation tissue including collagen formation. VEGF induces keratinocyte and fibroblast migration, formation of new tissue, and not only induces deposition of collagen but improves alignment of the collagen fibers thereby reducing wrinkles, enhancing skin quality, and increasing skin thickness to normal levels in individuals where skin has thinned due to age or disorder such as diabetes.

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