Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments

Another important tool in Dr. Brem's treatment of chronic and complex wounds is hyperbaric oxygen therapy. In selected patients, this approach can provide the extra boost that enables problem wounds to start healing, especially when combined with regenerative medicine therapies.

In order for any wound to heal, it needs to receive an adequate blood flow, bringing in healing oxygen and nutrients as well as antibodies that fight infection, and removing toxins that impair healing. An impaired blood supply is often a contributing factor when a chronic wound fails to heal properly.

In hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the patient relaxes inside the hyperbaric chamber, breathing in pure oxygen under an air pressure significantly higher than that of sea level. This elevated pressure causes significantly more oxygen to be taken up by the bloodstream and carried to the wound tissue, spurring the growth of new blood vessels in the affected tissue and giving a boost to the healing process.

Wound patients receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy typically undergo 20 to 40 treatment sessions, lasting about two hours each.

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